HitPredictor Chart Results


Just like last week, I told y’all that I would be reporting the results of all the songs rated here at HitPredictor. Y’all are a big portion of the what makes up these scores so I felt like y’all would want to see the results of them! So if you ever want to know how your favorite song did in the jukebox, just ask!

Anyway, let’s get to this week’s “HitPredictors.”

In the Mainstream Top 40 format, we have Rihanna’s “S&M.” This is the third single off her album Loud. RiRi is filming a very risque video for the song now, which includes bondage and hostages with Rihanna modeling a pink latex suit. That should be very interesting!

Speaking of Rihanna, her song “Raining Men” featuring Nicki Minaj is a HitPredictor on Urban this week. Also, Bow Wow, assisted by Chris Brown, is a HitPredictor with their new single “Ain’t Talking Bout You.”

Sara Bareilles third studio album Kaleidoscope Heart was released in September, and her 2nd single “Uncharted”, is a Hot AC HitPredictor this week.

Ten years ago Alecia Beth Moore aka Pink, started her career with the hit “There You Go”, and 11 years later is more popular than ever as her latest hit “F**kin’ Perfect” is a Mainstream AC HitPredictor.

In the Country format, Josh Turner has released 4 albums for MCA Nashville, and his latest, Haywire, has produced its 3rd single “I Wouldn’t Be A Man”. Reba has done a country cover of the amazing Beyonce song “If I Were A Boy” and put it on her album, All the Women I Am.

Rise Against The Machine is quickly becoming one of the most popular groups because they are HitPredictor’s at Alternative and Active Rock. Their single “Help Is On The Way” is topping both charts this week. Blues Rockers’ The Black Keys are also hot this week on the Alternative charts with their 2nd big hit “Howlin’ For You” off their album Brothers.

Also in Active Rock, 3 Doors Down. They are back after a 3 year absence with their first single, a ballad titled “When You’re Young”, from their 6th album Time Of My Life. Rock’s Prince Of Darkness, Ozzy Osborne is back with “Let It Die” from his latest album Scream.

There are your updates on this week’s HitPredictor’s. What do y’all think?

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