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Rochella Danishei is a young pop princess looking to make a name for herself as a solo act after performing as one of the three members of Candy Coated Chaos for more than six years. She has set lofty goals and with her animal-like focus and determination she is bound to achieve them. Ro is our latest HitPredictor “Get Famous” feature artist, and we have three of her songs we need you to rate in the jukebox now! Keep reading to learn more about this rising young star, and then let us know what you think of her music by rating it in the HitPredictor jukebox!

Born in NYC, Ro spent the majority of her formative years growing up in a New Jersey town close enough to the city to whet her appetite for greatness. Ro has a profound love for the arts – before she even hit the age of 10 she was writing lyrics and poetry, some of which was subsequently published and even awarded in national contests, while also singing and performing at fairs and in musicals. As a pre-teen she and her two best friends formed a group called Candy Coated Chaos. Breaking open piggy banks and negotiating extra chores for allowance allowed the trio to save up enough money to get into a studio and record their first song. Although now Ro describes that song as “a bit of a disaster,” it was enough to get the group noticed by an independent New York radio station.

The group’s airplay in NYC led Candy Coated Chaos to sign a management deal. After recording some new tracks it wasn’t long before Candy Coated Chaos started spreading like wildfire online. As Ro said, “We were getting a lot of buzz on MySpace and started booking shows left and right…we ended up achieving the No. 1 unsigned artist on MySpace for several consecutive months.”

However, the group’s big break came when MTV approached the trio with interest in licensing some of Candy Coated Chaos’ songs. It wasn’t long before their songs were being played on MTV’s “The Hills” and “The City” as well as in nightclubs around the world and Top 40, Indie, and Sirius/XM radio stations across the country.

By this point the girls were graduating high school, and each wanted to travel down a different path. So, Ro decided to leave the group to embark on a solo career. Described by MyFizzyPop as “quite the intriguing development” she is currently hard at work on her first solo album, and has been fortunate enough to work with “some really cool and talented producers and writers,” including Jadion, a producer just licensed with MTV! In a few weeks Ro is packing up for a big move to L.A. to finish the album up, with a release date of early summer in mind. She promises the album will be “fun, edgy, and something I think everyone can relate to, basically a BIG party.”

The three songs we have in the HitPredictor jukebox now are all slated to be on her upcoming album and are: “The Show Must Go On,” “Dangerous,” and “Roll The Dice.” Her music is very mainstream pop, with a heavy European dance club influence but reflects the fact that “I’m only 18 and moving to the other side of the country on my own…I feel like I’m breaking a lot of rules, trying to build this thing up.” In her own words, Ro describes these tracks:

  • “The Show Must Go On” is really a song about falling hard and being blinded by love or infatuation whatever it may be, getting hurt, and rather than letting it knock you down, being able realize you’re stronger than that and life’s waiting for you, the show must go on.
  • “Dangerous” kind of makes fun of every girl who falls for the bad boy who she wants to make her project. Every girl thinks they can fix a guy. I’m guilty.
  • “Roll The Dice” is about taking a gamble with a guy or relationship. You’re not really sure about it and it can go both ways. If you don’t pursue it you might always regret it, but if you do, you might get hurt.

Now it’s your turn to let us know what you think! Check your HitPredictor jukebox now to rate Ro’s music and tell us whether or not she has what it takes to “Get Famous,” with HitPredictor! These songs will be in the jukebox until Thursday, March 11th, so make sure you have a listen and give us your feedback by then!

To keep up with Ro as she makes her big cross-country move and finishes up her album, follow her on Twitter@rodanishei, check out more clips of her music on her MySpace page, and become an official Rochella fan onFacebook.

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