Edit: This post was originally published on Jan. 22, 2010.

We are pleased to announce the re-launch the HitPredictor “Get Famous” program where we will introduce up-and-coming musical artists that are looking to be signed by a record label.  Our first feature submission came in via Twitter, and pointed us to a link where we could review an album called Alphabutter. What follows is an interview with one of the two creators of the album, Jesse Abraham. To rate some of Alphabutter’s music, go toHitPredictor.com and make sure R&B/Hip-Hop is selected as one of your three musical preferences. Help us find out if Alphabutter is going to be a hit!

Alphabutter is a “hero hip-hop” collaborative project between Brooklyn-based Jesse Abraham and Spills.  Jesse hails from NYC, while Spills is a native of India.  The duo met a mere six weeks before the release of Alphabutter, which is available to download for free here.  Jesse gave HitPredictorsome insight into the Alphabutter release, since Spills is currently in Cambodia working in underprivileged communities, teaching music therapy and literacy to children as part of the nonprofit organization Fighting for Futures.*

Jesse describes Alphabutter as both a celebration and an adventure because of the instant connection he and Spills had, and said: “The album is intentionally unconventional and eclectic, as we were discovering one another as musicians and people as the songs started coming together.”

According to Jesse, Alphabutter came together so quickly because it “is an album that in many ways reflects the organic, joyful manner in which the material itself came to life.” And while most projects take a hefty amount of strategy and planning, this collaboration didn’t, because both artists had “a lot to share and many angles to explore.”

Jesse said that the tracks were written and arranged over a two-week time span, “surrounded by friends and family, dogs and bottles, lighters and vegetables.” There are a number of other artists also featured on the album to include: Premonition, Feleciacruz, Warren Britt, Pete Colon, Top $ Raz, Cav, Dyalekt, and Jeanette Berry.  Jesse said all the collaborators were good friends, “so the entire experience is coated in music’s magical mucilage.”

The lead single from Alphabutter is “Relax on Tracks” which Jesse described by saying: “Lyrically, it doesn’t have much of a cohesive theme – it’s more of just a fun linguistic journey over a forest fire of a beat.” He said, “If anything, it’s a song about loving music and approaching our craft with a sense of fervor and enthusiasm worthy of a listener’s attention.”

My personal favorite track is “Still Shooting,” a short, fresh mix with a great Bollywood-sounding beat and some funky rhymes that ends up being an absolutely addicting track.

Separately, each artist has several projects in the works, so get your ears ready for:

  • Fighting For Futures Mixtape (available now for free download here)
  • Jesse Abraham Untitled Mixtape (to be released 2/16/2010)
  • Jesse Abraham Untitled EP (to be released Spring 2010)
  • Spills & Feleciacruz Untitled EP (to be released Spring 2010)
  • Jesse Abraham Untitled LP (to be released 2011)

Also sneak a peep at:

*Fighting for Futures is an organization that uses creative means to empower underprivileged youth around the world.  Check out more details at the Fighting for Futures Web site.

Do you know an unsigned artist you think could get famous? Get in touch with us by leaving a comment here on the blog, via TwitterFacebook, or through the HitPredictor “Get Famous” portal at HitPredictor.com.

New music first — HP

Update 2/5: On February 16, 2010, Jesse Abraham will be releasing a free, downloadable mixtape entitled “XS”. The mixtape features the single “So Whatcha Feelin” featuring Jenny Hartman, as well as tracks produced by KO Beatz, Spills, J57 and others, and features such collaborators as YC The Cynic, Premonition and Pete Colon.  Acting as a follow-up to the eminent “Alphabutter” album he released in January with MC/Producer extraordinaire Spills, “XS” will be Jesse Abraham’s first solo release. Catch Jesse Abraham performing live at The Bowery Poetry Club on 2/19 in Initiative Radio’s Salute to Ralph McDaniels, alongside such acts as Homeboy Sandman, Hasan Salam, Eric Sosa and more.  For further information on Jesse Abraham visit www.JesseAbraham.com.

Update 2/17: Jesse Abraham’s new mixtape XS is now available for download here: http://jesseabraham.bandcamp.com/ Check it out!

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