Upcoming changes will give you access to even more music!


Thanks so much for all of the feedback you gave us in 2009 – you’ve given us some great ideas to make HitPredictor even better in 2010. Here are some of the changes you will see this year.

In 2010 you will have:

  • more songs to rate;
  • more choice in selecting your music preferences;
  • and more control in selecting the music and artists you want to rate.

We are excited to announce some upcoming changes to our site that you will see in the next week! These changes will give you the ability to listen to more music than ever before and give you more choice in selecting your music preferences.

To start things off you will no longer be restricted to rating music in only one category – you will be able to select from among 12 different types of music genres when you log in to the site!  This simple change will give you access to more songs in the jukebox, and therefore allow you to explore all the different types of new music we upload to the site.  Because users will have access to more songs, we are reducing the points earned per song from 5 points to 3.  However, since you will now be able to fill your jukebox with more songs, you will be able to earn more points than ever before, in addition to hearing many different types of new music!

We are even more excited about a new site redesign that we plan to roll out within the next six months.  The new site will give you even greater control over not just the music, but the artists you choose to listen to and rate as well. We are working on building up a lot of content for the new site and will even have daily prize giveaways!  So, make sure you keep in touch with us either here on the new blog, on FacebookMySpace, and Twitter for all the latest updates!

All of the upcoming changes at HitPredictor are focused on bringing you new music first! So keep your feedback coming – it will only be getting better in 2010!

New music first — HP

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