Cassidy Haley


Cassidy Haley is an up-and-coming artist that has a very loyal and passionate fan base that has literally been nominating him for months for a “Get Famous” feature article at HitPredictor! I am glad I finally listened to his faithful followers because in the course of my research and our interview I found that Cassidy is truly an “artist,” beyond the music he makes. He is much more than a singer, and lends a lot of his inspirations and profound insights into his music, his writing, and his fans’ lives.  We have four of Cassidy’s songs from his debut self-released album, Little Boys and Dinosaurs, in the HitPredictor jukebox now that we need you to rate! Keep reading to learn more about the man behind the music and then let us know what you think of his music at HitPredictor.

Cassidy’s music style “falls into the synth-rock, glam-pop with a dark edge category,” which he warns, “could change at any moment.” For those who have never heard of Cassidy, he was born to a lesbian midwife in the outskirts of Berkeley, California. He began singing at the age of 5, and found himself singing in shamanic tribal circuses and parading around the streets of San Francisco in wild get-ups on stilts before eventually heading to L.A., “to try to make it in this city of dreams as a performing artist.”

However, life had a different course, and Cassidy initially found success as a clothing designer and founder of two successful clothing companies, dressing the likes of Alanis Morissette, Steven Tyler, Pink, Fergie, and of course, as many famously know, his friend Adam Lambert and other former American Idol contestants.

But despite his success as a designer, music is where his heart lies. He said, “the truth is that all of my creative endeavors boil down to the telling of stories, and while music is certainly the most effective artistic expression I’ve found to do that, it also includes the costumes, the paintings, the directing of music videos, and the theatrical production as well.”

However, don’t think it was either easy or hard for Cassidy to walk away from his successful businesses; rather it was something he had to do.  Why? “Because I’ve learned that the only way to live is as if YOU control your destiny. Otherwise, you are lost. A victim. It may not be true, but seeing the world like that gives me power. I also love my fans and it breaks my heart to hear so many people feel like they can’t do what they love in life. People feel so inhibited. So trapped. And I just want to shake ‘em all and say, ‘Shut up and pursue your dreams already! No one is stopping you but you!’”

So, Cassidy walked away from his successful business and has been pursuing his musical dream ever since. But that’s not all – Cassidy has in turn inspired countless fans with his pursuit of music, and has chosen to document his own personal struggle in an effort to “help someone else take that leap of faith,” through the creation of a six-month plan, and a documentary called “Six Months To Become A Superstar.” Cassidy decided to write the plan because “it’s a human condition we are ALL facing…people are so scared and so hesitant to make this life their own…so I figured I might as well share my own personal struggle with that.”

As an independent artist, Cassidy has found quite a bit of success, with his debut album Little Boys and Dinosaurs climbing to No. 3 on iTunes’ Electronic albums chart only one week after its release – with no label, management, or PR campaign; his single, “Whiskey in Churches,” made it to No. 73 on the top electronic songs of iTunes, and the accompanying music video has already garnered nearly 100,000 views as of last month. And, in December 2009, Little Boys and Dinosaurs was named by the Houston Chronicle as one of the Top 10 Best Albums of the Year, alongside U2, Green Day, Shakira, and Kelly Clarkson.

Now it’s your turn to let us know what you think! From Little Boys and Dinosaurs we have in the HitPredictor jukebox now “Whiskey in Churches,” “Little Boys and Dinosaurs,” Daylight Breaks,” and “Fly.” It’s up to you to tell us whether or not Cassidy has what it takes to “Get Famous.” These songs will be in the jukebox until Thursday, Feb. 25th, so make sure you have a listen and give us your feedback by then!

For those in the L.A. area, Cassidy has an upcoming show on March 5 at Mr. T’s, check his Web site at for more information.

Do you know an unsigned artist you think could ‘get famous’? Let us know who you have in mind by leaving us a comment here on the blog, via TwitterFacebook, or through the HitPredictor “Get Famous” portal

New music first – HP

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