We want to know what YOU want to hear at HitPredictor!


In the last few weeks we have been working on opening the lines of communication between ourselves and our members by interacting with you on various social media sites, and (hopefully) making your time at HitPredictor a little more fun.  And, since we have done so, we have had numerous requests through these various outlets fromHitPredictor members who have ideas about new songs they would like to hear in the jukebox, which has been fantastic!

Many of our members are really in-tune with what their favorite bands and singers are up to, and are anxiously awaiting the release of new music. So why not reward you for helping us try to predict the next big single?

Beginning today, we are taking nominations for recently released or new songs you would like to hear in theHitPredictor jukebox. If the song you nominate ends up in the jukebox, we will give you 25 bonus points!

We will only be taking nomination from our Facebook fan page HERE. Feel free to comment on the nominations of other members as well!

To start, we will be uploading 1-2 HitPredictor member-nominated songs to the jukebox each week! Only nominations received within the 7-day time period will qualify for the reward points. So, if you nominate a song this week, and that song ends up being selected 3 weeks from now, you won’t get the 25 points.  Why? Because we can only realistically dig back so far to find your nominations! So, if you really want to hear a song in the jukebox, make sure you nominate it regularly!

The newer the song, the better chance it has of making the jukebox – a classic rock anthem likely won’t be selected :-). The song must also be commercially available, we won’t be posting any “leaks.”

And please, don’t feel bad if your song isn’t selected – we will try to get a good mix of different genres as we move forward with this, and will look forward to your feedback and will make tweaks/changes as necessary.

So, let’s hear it – who would you like to hear in the jukebox next week, and why? We will run the week for nominations from a Monday to Monday, with a cutoff time of 9 a.m. EST. Make sure you submit your nomination on our Facebook fan page HERE.

When making your nomination please make sure you include your HitPredictor username along with the artist’s name and title of the song, so that we can get you your points right away if your song is selected! And, please make sure you submit your nomination on our Facebook fan page HERE!

Let me know your questions, and more importantly, your nominations! Help us help other HitPredictor members to discover new music first!

New music first – HP

3 thoughts on “We want to know what YOU want to hear at HitPredictor!

  1. follia

    I want to hear David Cook’s The Last Goodbye. I rated lots of music for hours last night and though it’s edging to already at top 40 HAC, I never heard it. I heard some music I liked and some I loved almost as much as The Last Goodbye. But I would have loved the opportunity to rate The Last Goodbye and David Cook.

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