Get Famous


Here we will feature fresh unsigned artists looking for a label, because we know there are tons of talented musicians out there working hard trying to get their big break.

We will continue to follow-up with these artists, to keep tabs on their career and see whether they are able to truly get famous!

So please submit your nominations, don’t be shy!  We just need some contact info. (even Twitter will work) and a link to some sample music so we can get in contact to do a feature article here and on the main site!

4 thoughts on “Get Famous

  1. Adam Tyler makes pop that snaps and crackles. His album’s been produced by Elias Kapari (Ashley Tisdale, Luigi Masi, etc.), it features guest vox by, among others, Electrovamp, his album art’s been shot by Robert Milazzo (The Jonas Brothers, Kelly Clarkson), and his co-writers have helped craft hits for everyone from BoA to Cinema Bizarre. Try him, you’ll like him. :)

  2. Hello,

    I am contacting you on behalf of the up and coming rock musician and producer, Lord Toph. A reclusive man, to say
    the least, yet Lord Toph’s private life has created a considerable amount of buzz.
    From undisclosed rumors to said appearances and happenings, the man is gaining a reputation of loudly saying nothing.
    At this point, having gained such a large momentum over the past couple of years, it doesn’t seem he has to.
    As much as the public doesn’t know about Lord Toph, what they do know (or what he cares to express) is his artistry.
    His musical style is as colorful, and diverse as his artwork, and it is enough to express his personality in full.
    Listeners get an earful of what he intends to say, as he words himself very carefully.
    As Lord Toph gears up to emerge into the mainstream, introduce his independent label, and artists, we at Monté CrisToph intend to update his fans and readers on recent interviews, recordings and other news.
    We ask that you visit Lord Toph on Google today, and add him to your data bank of up and coming artists, and celebrities. For more details on Lord Toph feel free to contact us. Thanks for your time!

    Phil Howard
    Monté CrisToph Promotions

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