Paramore Feels ‘Unified’ Going Into Grammys


The remaining members of Paramore are hoping to close out what has been a rather miserable, and very public break-up of their band, as two of their members left late last year. What would be the perfect thing to stop out the negativity? Well a Grammy award of course.

They are nominated for best pop performance by a duo or group with vocals for the hit “The Only Exception.”

Lead singer¬†Hayley Williams said the rest of the Tennessee-based band is staying positive.¬†“Losing members is not a fun thing to go through, but I think that now we really feel unified,” she told the Associated Press in a recent interview. “We feel strong, and we’re going to be stoked to represent Nashville and represent our band and our fans at the Grammys.”

Billboard reports that “the split was¬†less than amicable. The band’s official statement said that brothers Josh and Zac Farro had been planning to leave for a couple months and had seemed unhappy with the band for the past year. But ultimately, it wished them well and expressed hope that they would find happiness elsewhere. The brothers responded to the statement with a scathing blog post, largely blaming Williams for dividing the band.

Despite the downsizing, Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York have big plans for the band’s future. They’re¬†touring South America starting Feb. 16. in Brazil.¬†“We’ve only been one other time, but it was crazy,” said Davis. “The venues are growing, and it’s pretty exciting.”¬†After that, they have cleared their schedules and will concentrating on making new music.”

How do y’all feel about Paramore after the departure of the Farro brothers? Do you think Paramore will win the Grammy?

Hear New Music First – HP

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