HitPredictor is on the Lookout for Music Savvy Teenagers


Do you have a passion for music?

Are you the type of person who finds new bands before they make it to the mainstream media?

Or do you just like to sing at the top of your lungs while driving with the windows down? Yeah, we can hear you too.

HitPredictor is currently scouting out talented ears for fresh tracks. We want to play you new songs, and make it rain gift cards and prizes for telling us what you think.

Top record labels and rising artists across America send their newest songs straight to HitPredictor, oftentimes before they have even been released to the public. Then one of our select panels of VIP Music Reviewers gives their honest opinions on the songs. If the people love it, the song can go up in the charts. If the people hate it, well.. umm.. better luck next time. Nobody said the music business was easy– But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

There are approximately 99.7 new panel seats open. So see if you qualify now, because the last spot is in the corner and it’s a tight squeeze.

Create a music profile here and start rating songs today. If you make the cut for a VIP panel we will send you an email notification.

As a bonus for making it to the bottom of the page, sign up with the promo code VIP for a little something extra.

Must be +13 years.

In US only.

Requires a valid email address to participate.


Join HitPredictor and start reviewing new songs in minutes.


First in the World with New Music


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