Review Music For America. Make it Rain Gift Cards.


Unlike your teachers, HitPredictor actually values your opinions and won’t judge you based on how loudly you play music.

This is the place to get paid for reviewing songs before they get released to the public. HitPredictor uses your music opinions to influence record labels, artists, and radio playlists across America while rewarding listeners with perks and prizes.

It’s time to rise up and take the power back. If you’ve been disappointed by music on the radio, then it’s time to start letting your voice be heard. HitPredictor is the most influential music rating service in America, and it has maintained that spot by constantly seeking out new listeners with fresh ears to pick the next big hit.

Start listening now and don’t forget to check for the email notifications– hands down the best way to hear about new prizes and contests on the site. Also, email notifications are the only way to be invited to the famous $5 Amazon Card for 10 Song Reviews.

Give Me Stuff for Rating Songs

Sign up with promo code VIP for a special bonus.

HitPredictor operates within the US. Must be a minimum of 13yrs to participate.


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