Hidden Song Contest Results and Winners!!


Hey everyone!! This week’s Hidden Song Contest is now over :( don’t worry we will be back next week!

Anywho, it looks like our new system is doing great, with the exception of a few hiccups everything is running smoothly. As always, write a help ticket if you have any troubles but most of you seem to be enjoying it!! And I’m so thankful for that :)

Here are this week’s hidden songs:

  • “Transport” by LoLove
  • “Treacherous” by Taylor Swift
  • “Safe and Sound” by Capitol Cities
  • “Faith Healer” by Blaqk Audio

Hope everyone found something they liked in the mix.

And now for our grand prize winners!

First up, our gift card giveaway goes to gregc713 who walks away with a $10 Amazon e-card!!! And next up our 3 bonus point winners are benmayo, fitcher22, and Paradise33. Congrats guys, you will receive 250 bonus points in your bank just for playing the hidden song contest!!

Well kids, that’s it for this week :)

Hear New Music First – HP


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