Remembering Heroes of 9/11 Through Music


I’d say we talk about some pretty “trending topics” on this blog, right? Well today here’s something that’s definitely trending. Regardless of party affiliation or what you’re beliefs are, we are all on the same team as Americans. Today marks the anniversary of one of the largest terrorist attacks to our great Country. I hope all of you are thinking of the lost loved ones and reveling in just how good it feels to be American.

After the incident many people turned to music to soothe, pacify, or heal the mountain of emotions that were left within them just as the pile of rubble was left at Ground Zero. Here are a few memorable moments from the concert “America: A Tribute to Heroes” that was put on to help Americans cope.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers — “I Won’t Back Down”

Willie Nelson — “America the Beautiful”

Neil Young — “Imagine”

Which are your favorites?

If you don’t feel anything else today, feel proud to be an American! :)

Hear New Music First – HP


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