Hidden Song Contest: Starting Now!


Hey everyone! Since we took Labor day off we need that one extra day to get it all back together. So the hidden song contest will start today, Wednesday, September 5.

A few changes are going to be made to this week’s “gift card giveaway”… All you have to do this week is participate in the contest! If you have not yet liked us on Facebook, you can do that. But if you already have, then how can you do it again?! If you’ve already posted a friend referral link, then we’d LOVE for you to do it again! But…… really all you have to do is find the 4 hidden songs and report them to me.

Report the artist name and title of the song you heard with your HitPredictor USERNAME to me on Twitter @hitpredictor or by email @ hiddensong [at] hitpredictor [dot] com by this Friday, September 7 at 3pm EST. 25 points are up for grabs with each correct track you report + an entry into the 250 bonus points drawing + an entry into the $10 Amazon e-card drawing!


  • Alberta Cross- “Lay Down”
  • 7Lions – “Born 2 Run”
  • Red Line Chemistry- “Unspoken”
  • Lucky Ned Pepper – “I Remember The Music”
  • Lostprophets- “Bring ‘Em Down”
  • Goapele- “Play”
  • Randy Taylor-Weber – “Take Me Back To Vegas”
  • The Cab – “Endlessly” (feat Bruno Mars)

Remember to turn your guesses in by this Friday at 3pm!

Hear New Music First – HP


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