(Last Week’s) Hidden Song Contest Results


Hey friends! As I said on Facebook and Twitter earlier today… THANKFULLY my family and I weathered Hurricane Isaac just fine. Thank you for all the well wishes! Now, let’s get back to business. Lots to catch up on!!

Last week’s hidden songs were:

  1. “Be Your Everything” by Boys Like Girls
  2. “Send Me Your Love” by Taryn Manning
  3. “Grow Up” by This Is She
  4. “Duquesne Whistle” by Bob Dylan

The winners of the 250 bonus points are HitPredictor members: unique_me9, teamleader, and handyman0304. Congrats guys!!

The winner of the $10 Amazon e-card is bcam206!! Yayyy!!! Someone will contact you with details on your prize.

Thanks for playing everyone and we should have a new contest starting up tomorrow. If you have some last minute suggestions, I’d love to have them. I don’t have many nominations for this week yet. Email me or post them to our Facebook page!

Hear New Music First – HP


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