Hidden Song Contest Results


Hey people! Hope you’re Thursday was enjoyable. For most of us the work day is almost over, which makes it that much more enjoyable :) Well I’m here to hopefully brighten up your day by telling you the hidden song contest results and winners!

First off, the songs:

  • Wanted Alive’s “Messin’ With My Mind”
  • “Crazy Sexy Wild” by INNA
  • And Aubrey O’Day’s remix of “Somebody That I Used To Know” (originally by Goyte)

If you participated in the contest, then you are a winner… scoring yourself 25 points for each song you correctly identified. Go you!

Now, there are 3 winners that got a little extra just for playing the hidden song contest. These bonus point opportunities can come to any of you that play (because I choose at random) so make sure to keep participating! Anywho, without further adieu, the bonus point winners:

  • Owo
  • bobbysuehs
  • leahdagurl

Congrats guys!!

Nominate your favorite songs for the contest by emailing or connecting with HitPredictor on Facebook over the weekend and on Monday! I’m all ears as far as your nominations are concerned… Well I’m all ears as far as your concerns are concerned, too, but you get the picture :)

Adios muchachos!

Hear New Music First – HP


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