Feel Like You Did Not Get Points From the Hidden Song Contest??


Hey! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!! How many of you are watching the Olympics? I am glued to the TV all the time with my mouth gaping open, amazed at the talent these athletes embody. I have quickly learned that watching gymnastics, fencing, swimming, soccer, and many other sports can never be boring when you are cheering on your country. Go USA!!

Anywho, I have an announcement from the past two week’s hidden song contest. Remember when our email server was down? Well when it came back up, I got a FLOOD of emails. This led me to believe that I had, in fact, received emails from all of you that tried to send in your hidden song ‘guesses’ while the server was down…

Well, NOT TRUE! Which puts a big frown on my face and does not put points in your bank. THUMBS DOWN!

But, things happen and we’ve got to move on and bounce back even better! :)

So……. If you think you sent in your votes via email and you were not credited points for the songs, please email them to me again. Write “Did Not Receive Points” in the subject line please (so I don’t get them confused with the Hidden Song Contest for this week)! This should only affect the portion of you that sent in your email and received a response that said your message was ‘non-deliverable.’

Thanks for your patience and understanding here. Just trying to make sure everyone gets credit where credit is due :) :)

Hear New Music First -HP


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