Guest Blogger DJ Lilly Stops By With Music Reviews


DJ Lilly has been a part of the HitPredictor family for a long time and we welcome her submissions whenever she has a chance to give them. Lilly is here to give y’all the scoop about songs that have recently been in the jukebox, some being her own nominations, too :)

Take it away, Lilly.

Hey everyone! I haven’t written a blog for y’all in forever, but I decided it was past time to post one. Here are the good and the bad of the last couple of weeks: I really liked “Favorite Song” by Colbie Caillat – it’s something a little different from her usual stuff. I thought “Summer of Love” by Cascada, and “Angel Eyes” by Love and Theft were both okay, but both groups are capable of so much better! I don’t really like any of  the hip hop songs that have been in the jukebox lately. I love Whitney Myer (she was my 2nd fave this season on “The Voice”, and she gave me a shoutout on her Twitter and Facebook pages) and I love her song “Broken“, but my favorite song of the past two weeks belongs to the other contestant from “The Voice” that was in the jukebox – I am, of course, talking about Justin Hopkins, and his song “Love on the Radio“!

Thanks Lilly!!

Hear New Music First – HP

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