Hidden Song Contest Nominees


Hey y’all… here is the hidden song contest for the week! Let’s get right down to it being we’re getting a later start than usual.

Report the artist name and title of the song you heard with your HitPredictor USERNAME to me on Twitter @hitpredictor or by email @ hiddensong at hitpredictor dot com by this Friday, March 2 at 3pm EST. 25 points are up for grabs with each correct track you report + an entry into the 250 bonus points drawing.

The songs to hunt:

  • “New To This Town” by Kix Brooks
  • “My Weakness” by Kris Allen
  • “Tip It On Back” by Dierks Bentley
  • “National Anthem” by Lana Del Rey
  • “Invisible” by Big Time Rush
  • “This Little Girl” by Cady Groves
  • “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Victorious Cast
  • “I Will Always Love You” by The Glee Cast
  • “Bombaleo / Hero” by The Glee Cast

That’s all she wrote… so go out and find those songs! Especially before Friday so you can get points :)

Hear New Music First – HP


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