Carrie Underwood’s New Single “Good Girl”


Country superstar Carrie Underwood has just released a new single called “Good Girl.” The American Idol singer hasn’t put out new material in a while, so her fans are pretty excited about this one.

Good Girl” brings Carrie back to her roots with an uptempo beat and shows off her vocals while shooting off another warning against unseemly male figures, just like her last hit, “Before He Cheats.”

Written by Underwood, Ashley Gorley and Chris DeStefano, the track finds the former “American Idol” champ at her most fiery, leaping between near-whispers and pointed shouts over handclaps and a guitar riff that eventually lead into a snarling solo. “His lips are dripping honey, but he’ll sting you like a bee!” Underwood exclaims before the rousing chorus.

Check out Underwood’s “Good Girl” in the jukebox now!

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