Love, The Hidden Song Contest


If the Hidden Song Contest gave each of you a card with points in it to end the contest this Valentine’s week that how it would be signed :)

The songs were:

  1. “When You Say My Name” by Jessie James
  2. “Know Me” by Frankie Rose
  3. “Bring On The Night (Nostalgia)” by Shannon Elliman
  4. “Sexy & I Know It” by the Glee Cast

And the bonus Valentine’s day surprise song is M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls.” Everyone, even if you didn’t find this song but you participated in the contest with other songs, got 50 points for this song only. The other 4 songs were still given 25 points each.

Another note: While I was assigning points, my computer had a glitch so if there is a problem with your points, please email me.

Bonus point winners: (there are only 4 since every single person already got credit for the 5th song.)

  • raiderspunky
  • twistedlogic9
  • psuchris
  • bobbysuehs


Hear New Music First – HP



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