Hidden Song Contest Over and Out


Hey y’all, the hidden song contest is saying “sayonara” for this week!

The hidden songs were:

  • “Look Around” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • “Dirty Little Secret” by Madonna Nash
  • “Already There” by John West

Points will be assigned tomorrow and the bonus point winners will be picked then.

Please send in your nominations for favorite songs and things you want to see put in the jukebox! This week we only had 2 and that made me very sad :( Maybe the Super Bowl had all of you busy but the Hidden Song Contest cannot exist without YOU!!

Hear New Music First – HP


2 thoughts on “Hidden Song Contest Over and Out

  1. Well Abby I’m sorry yours never got picked, usually I get a lot of nominations and since we only use 3 songs per week, it’s impossible to use them all but that doesn’t mean you should quit sending them. Keep trying!!

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