Let’s Go: Hidden Song Contest


Here we go with the hidden song contest this week!

The rules are the same: report the artist name and title of the song you heard with your HitPredictor USERNAME to me on Twitter @hitpredictor or by email @ hiddensong at hitpredictor dot com by this Thursday, Feb 9 at 3pm EST. 25 points are up for grabs with each correct track you report + an entry into the 250 bonus points drawing.

Here are the songs to hunt for:

  • “Marry The Night” by Lady Gaga
  • “Look Around” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • “I’m A Slave For U” by Britney Spears
  • “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars
  • “Dirty Little Secret” by Madonna Nash
  • “Already There” by John West
  • “Shake Me Like a Monkey” by Dave Matthews Band
  • “Roll With It” by Easton Corbin

Side Note: Most of these “nominations” are just decoys that I, myself put on the list for the sole purpose of “disguising” the hidden songs. I received TWO nominations this week :( very bad news! It was enough to get hidden songs out of BUT I can’t only put the hidden songs on the list or y’all would know what they are. Just wanted y’all to know why there are OLD songs on the nominations list ;) which is also a very big hint!

Remember to report the songs to me by Thursday, Feb. 9 at 3pm EST!

Hear New Music First – HP

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