Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance, “Give Me All Your Love” In The Jukebox


International Super Star, Madonna was the NFL’s performer of choice for last night’s Super Bowl halftime show.

Mag decided on a Roman empire type stage setting in which she sang a mash up of her hits from times past, including “Vogue,” “Like A Prayer,” and “Express Yourself.” She was then joined by the group that seems to be everywhere these days, LMFAO. These three collided on LMFAO’s claim to fame single “Sexy and I Know It.”

Finally, Madonna was joined by Nicki Minaj and MIA for her latest single, “Give Me All Your Love.” This is the lead single for Madonna’s album MDNA due out March 26, and it’s in the HitPredictor jukebox right now!

Hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl halftime show and let us know what you are thinking on Madonna’s new single by going to the jukebox and rating it now!

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