Tons of New Music in the Jukebox for the New Year


Hey peeps! I am here to make y’all aware of ALL the new music we have in the jukebox as we approach the new year! There is literally something in there for everyone, so let’s highlight a few hot new items!

First of all, Nick Carter, yes THAT Nick, the blondie from the Backstreet Boys that made tweens and teens swoon, has a new solo single called “Burnin’ Up.” It’s a club-banger with lots of auto-tuning on his vocals and it’s sure to have a few fists pumping on the dance floor.

Next, we’ve got the brand new single from OAR’s album, King, and it’s called “Gotta Be Wrong Sometimes.” The track has light and airy tones and pairs with lead singer Mark Roberge’s signature sound quite nicely. My verdict: It’s another hit for the OAR guys.

These 2 have both JUST been added to the jukebox so go check them out now!

Moving right along, many people were excited to hear Adam Lambert added to juke a couple days ago. “Better Than I Know Myself” is the first single from Adam’s upcoming album, Trespassing which he just announced will be released March 20, 2012 so be on the look out for that!

That’s all for now friends. Be on alert for the end of the hidden song contest later today :)

Hear New Music First – HP


5 thoughts on “Tons of New Music in the Jukebox for the New Year

  1. milkywayfairy

    Absolutely love Adam Lambert’s new single Better Than I Know Myself. Vocals are so beautiful, great melody and lyrics, can’t wait for his album Trespassing.

  2. SweetLeaf

    YES! I’m so excited for Adam Lambert’s new album “Trespassing” which will be released March 20, 2012! I love Adam’s new single, “Better Than I Know Myself” ~ Brilliant vocals!

  3. Absolutely LOVE Adam Lambert’s new HIT single “Better Than I Know Myself” – the 1st of many hits off of his March 20, 2012 new album Trespassing! Thanks Hit Predictor – Predicting a HUGE MEGA HIT with Better Than I Know Myself! x0x

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