The Fray Releases New Single “Heartbeat”


Fans of The Fray haven’t heard new material from the band in a while, so this should be a day of rejoice from the group and their groupies. Fray’s latest single “Heartbeat” which will be on their upcoming album, Scars and Stories, features lead singer Issac Slade’s voice in tip top condition and a grand piano melody.

On his moving new song, Isaac admitted, “That song came out of a period of my life when I was trying hard to be open to whatever came my way. I traveled through South Africa and Rwanda with a buddy, and at first it was really hard to stay open in the face of so much pain and heartache. But then I ended up meeting so many cool and inspiring people, and all these ideas for lyrics and melodies just started rushing in.”

Check out “Heartbeat” in the jukebox now!! Scars and Stories, will be out February 3.

Hear New Music First – HP


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