Hidden Song Contest Winners!


The hidden song contest is over and done this week, so it’s time to announce the songs and the winners of the bonus points!

The hidden songs were:

  • “Footloose” by Blake Shelton
  • “Release Me” by Jack’s Mannequin
  • “Let’s Have a Wreck (Train Wreck)” by Drive A
    • side note about this song: many of you commented that this song was in your jukebox twice, with some of you saying the second time you heard it, the jukebox displayed it was by “A Drive” and not “Drive A”. While a glitch played the song twice in some jukebox, you will not receive 25 points twice because you heard the song twice. After all, it was the same song.
Now for the fun part: The bonus point winner! HitPredictor members Shannon6fan, wildcatatheart, 911uf, and bcam206 were the lucky people who scored 250 extra points just for participating in the contest. Congrats guys!

Hear New Music First – HP 


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