Hidden Song Contest Ended, Points NOT Awarded


(Future & Drake)

Hey HP! The hidden song contest has ended for this week. Although I can reveal what the hidden songs were, I cannot award points until tomorrow morning once all data is collected for everyone that submitted their answers. Thanks for understanding!

The hidden songs were:

  • “Tony Montana” by Future ft. Drake
  • “Threaten Me with Heaven” by Vince Gill
  • “Bottoms Up” by Nickelback
  • “Blood Pressure” by Mutmath

The HitPredictor members that are the winners of the 250 bonus points are: kscott0820, bears3454, bramy010105, and disneyfan1. Congrats guys!!

Remember, the points will not be assigned to you until tomorrow so be advised of that. Thanks for your patience.

Hear New Music First – HP


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