Timbaland’s New Track ‘Pass At Me’ Featuring David Guetta & Pitbull


Veteran rapper/producer Timbaland has a new song, entitled “Pass at Me” on his hands that he’s hoping to make a hit single. Usually Timbaland’s material turns into musical gold and with David Guetta and Pitbull featured, this one is sure to be no different.

The club banger shows off Pitbull’s spitting skills as well as his signature yell, Timbaland has the bridge under control with a catchy phrase, “Hey Girl! Oh Oh My God, Oh Oh My God” and, of course, Guetta is on top of the beats.

We have “Pass at Me” in the jukebox right now, along with so many other new gems. It is just a little treasure chest in there. You probably want to get yourself over there a.s.a.p. to see what you find! Speaking of find, the hidden song contest is STILL going on until 9am EST tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 9) so make sure you report your hidden song guesses before then. Just a little reminder because it usually ends today :) That is all.

Hear New Music First – HP


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