Hidden Song Contest Winners!


Just like Summer, the hidden song contest is over. But don’t worry because the contest will be back next Tuesday. Unfortunately, Summer will not, but with this 1st day of September, I can all but taste Fall right around the corner. I’m more than ready for sweaters, crisp orange leaves, and football! Every ending brings a new beginning, right? Even though we have a while to go down here in the South before the air turns crisp, I know it’s fast approaching for most of you, Happy Fall y’all.

Let’s get to those hidden songs!

  1. “Curl of the Burl” by Mastodon
  2. “You” by Chris Young
  3. “Monarchy of Roses” by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  4. “Shake Life” by Young Jeezy
That’s quite a mixture of formats so I hope all of you enjoyed them. There was something in there for everyone this week!

The 4 HitPredictor members who scored 250 bonus points just for playing are xvintagehearts, bobbysuehs, tierbee, and Ragchuck. Congrats guys!!

Hear New Music First – HP 


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