Hidden Song Contest Winners!!


Here it is, a dreery Thursday afternoon (in New Orleans, at least) and now the hidden song contest has to end, too. What a bummer! At least this post will reveal the hidden songs, tell you who won the 250 bonus points, and give you details for the next contest to come!

First up, let’s reveal those hidden songs!

  • “Body 2 Body” by Ace Hood ft. Chris Brown
  • “Save the World” by Swedish House Mafia
  • “Dark Horses” by Switchfoot
  • “Guitar Slinger” by Vince Gill
  • “My Racing Thoughts” by Jack’s Mannequin
Next, the big reveal of the bonus point winners! They’re are 5 this week: HitPredictor members Schatzie, ku4u, MARTHAM, Bearwatcher, and deatonstephanie. Congrats peeps, your 250 points richer!!

Come on back now, next week’s hidden song contest will start on Tuesday! 

Hear New Music First – HP 


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