New Music: Incubus, Blink 182, and More


Howdy music lovers! The jukebox is just bursting at the seams with new music so I thought I would let y’all in on that little secret. Here is some stuff that we are currently jamming to and think you should be, too!

Blink 182 just released their new single “Up All Night.” This is the newest Blink song in almost 8 years so fans have been really amped about it. Also revealed last night with the single was the title of their much anticipated album, Neighborhoods. The bands bassist and vocalist, Mark Hoppus told MTV News the inspiration behind the name.

“As Blink-182 reformed, we came to realize that, as close as Travis [Barker], Tom [DeLonge] and I are, we are all very different people. With very different tastes. Travis just released a hip-hop album, Tom always talks about U2, Coldplay and the Police, and I listen to obscure indie rock stuff,” Hoppus wrote. “We each bring a very different aesthetic, talent and sound to the band. And in the differences between our ideas, the struggle and edge of all the different directions, is where the good things happen when we write together.

“So we’re each like different neighborhoods in a city. Everybody in the world thinks of something unique unto themselves when they hear the word ‘Neighborhoods,’ ” he continued. “To some it is a big city, others a small town, others suburbia, everything. The world is wide, exciting and very different. That’s what Neighborhoods means to me.”

Blink 182’s album, Neighborhoods, has a tentative release date of September 27.

Next up for the jukebox is Incubus’ “Promises, Promises” for which a music video was released on IncubusVEVO channel.


Check out these songs and way more in the jukebox right now!

Hear New Music First – HP


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