David Cook ‘Hearts’ Member’s Pick’s


Member’s picks are fun songs that I thought y’all might like to hear even though they were nominated for the hidden song contest, but not used for it.

1. “I Won’t Give Upby One Tree Hill’s Jana Kramer

2. NBC’s “The Voice” runner up Dia Frampton with her single that reached No. 1 on iTunes during the show – “Inventing Shadows.”

Last but certainly not least! (I know y’all are gonna like this one…)
3. “Paper Heart” by David Cook – This track is from Cook’s newly released album, This Loud Morning which reached No. 7 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with it’s debut!

Let us know how you like these songs and lots more by going to your jukebox and rating them!

Hear New Music First – HP


48 thoughts on “David Cook ‘Hearts’ Member’s Pick’s

  1. Brian

    “Paper Heart” isn’t even the best song on the CD. If you haven’t picked it up yet, do. It is very good. “We Believe” is terrific!

  2. I love Paper Heart from David Cook’s new album, This Loud Morning. David’s voice and the syncopation are just great on this song. Pretty cool lyrics too. The whole album is awesome. Hard to pick a favorite.

  3. rascalete

    I loved Paper Heart from the first time I heard David Cook sing it live. It is on his new album This Loud Morning and would make a great single. David is an amazing artist because he really shows his vulnerability and expresses his feelings so honestly. It makes you really (hear) what he is singing.

  4. C4

    Love Paper Heart! It’s on his new album, This Loud Morning.
    Great song awesome album. Stellar vocals. This would be a great
    choice for a single.

  5. nathan

    paper heart has a brilliant distinctive guitar riff that grabs your attention and never let go. just what a true radio song needs. love it!

  6. Paper Heart would indeed make a great single. Loved the song since David and his band played it live at Busch Gardens last summer. Big nice sweeping song. Amazing vocals. Clever lyrics. One of many unique and distinctive songs from his wonderful new record This Loud Morning.

  7. Paper Heart is very catchy and fun, even though it’s about broken hearts. His new album “This Loud Morning” songs have beautiful lyrics and music, it’s impossible to pick a favorite.

  8. Teri

    I love “Paper Heart!” It’s a great “turn the music up loud and sing along in the car” kind of tune. Really, David’s entire album is awesome, and I would be hard-pressed to pick a song I didn’t like. Everyone should check it out!!!

  9. Sylvia

    I loved Paper Heart from the moment David sang it at Busch Gardens last summer. It is such an “ear worm” . However the album is full of AWESOME songs! See for yourself.

  10. Paper Heart got my attention from first listen as a great, rocking song. It has a wonderful riff that is particularly good live, and the song trips along on a syncopated beat. I would love to hear this on the radio.

  11. Jan82

    Paper Heart is great song among an album full of great songs – Paper Heart, Time Marches On, Take Me as I Am, Goodbye to the Girl, and Rapid Eye Movement and Circadian would all be great singles.

  12. Abbey

    I loved Paper Heart way back in August of last year when he previewed it for us at Busch Gardens. I loved it then and it’s only gotten better. I hope it’s a single! One of the best on This Loud Morning.

  13. Nicholas Russo

    Paper Heart is such an awesome song! I’m convinced it would smash if released to radio. Such a catchy chorus.

  14. jayelgee1

    David’s new album, This Loud Morning is full of hit-worthy and heart-grabbing songs. Paper Heart is a great rocker, with a great hook and will be sure to grab audiences and get them on their feet.

  15. Linddar

    I loved Paper Heart from the first time I heard it on a video from the Busch Gardens performance. I’m so glad it made the cd. All of the other songs on This Loud Morning are marvelous. I especially like Goodbye to the Girl.

  16. Lee

    Paper Heart is one of my favorite songs on his new album. It’s a fabulous record and the more I play it, the more I love it.

  17. imogenPH

    Re Paper Heart: I love the guitar riff, and the drums, and the bass. And the voice! …come to think of it, everything about it is great, what’s not to love? And it’s only one among many memorable songs on David Cook’s new album, This Loud Morning. I wouldn’t mind if Paper Heart became the next single, it’s an instantly likable tune.

  18. cathy

    Paper Heart is just one of several amazing songs on David Cooks new album This Loud Morning. Check it out – you’ll be rewarded.

  19. Katie

    I love “Paper Heart” so much! Everyone in my family likes this song. I hope this song is a single so I can blast it on the radio!

  20. Renee

    I am really enjoying David Cook’s new album This Loud Morning. I have to admit that Paper Heart isn’t my favourite song on this CD …. though it is in my top 5 picks. I bought the deluxe version with the 2 bonus songs included and the “Behind the scenes making of TLM” DVD. Definitely worth the little bit of extra money! I highly recommend this CD.

  21. Sara

    Love Paper Heart! Love David Cook’s new album. It’s hard to pick a favorite when all of the music on the album is equally fantastic. His voice is incredible on this and every song on his new album. I liked his first CD, but some of the songs I liked more than others. On This Loud Morning, ALL of the songs resonate with me. All are favorites!

  22. Suz

    Love Paper Heart by David Cook! This Loud Morning is the best album I have heard in years musically, lyrically, and vocally. Paper Heart is just one great song of many! It is available at Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and special fan packs are avail @ http://www.davidcookofficial.com including a vinyl!

  23. Paper Heart was an instant ear worm since I heard it from a Busch Garden show video last year. it sounds great live but so good on the CD. It’s perfect for radio play. I give it 2 thumbs up, way up!

  24. Maeyo

    Paper Heart is a great song, but so is Rapid Eye Movement, Circadian, Right Here With You, We Believe, Hard To Believe, Goodbye To The Girl, yeah, I’m just going to say the whole album is amazing!

  25. suzanne manning

    I love Paper Heart – the lyrics are great – the voice is stellar and soars where it needs to and the music and instrumentation 2nd to none. The drum beat throughout is tops in my book and for me is the hook of the song, but the guitar riffs are hooky too. On This Loud Morning CD this is my top pick. Loved it at first hear in Busch Gardens and still love it today. I hope it makes the cut as a single.

  26. Debi

    I love the entire This Loud Morning album, and that is a rarity these days. From the opening track “Circadian” to the final “Rapid Eye Movement” each song flows into the next forming a cohesive listening experience. The bonus songs on the deluxe version are just as enjoyable as the main 12 tracks.

    As for Paper Heart, it is an earworm and gets stuck in my head, stuck in my head!

  27. mcjllane

    I like Paper Heart. The more you listen to it the more you are wanting to hear it. All songs in the entire album are all amazing. David Cook really is an artist. I’m proud to be a fan.

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