Feature Artist Friday: Erika Fatale


One of your fellow HitPredictor members (and past guest blogger, DJ Lilly) was gracious enough to suggest this awesome breakout artist, and future star to us. We did a small interview with Erika Fatale and her songs will be in the jukebox all weekend. Celebrate the Fourth with some awesome music by Fatale.

1. How/when did you get your start in music?
I’ve been singing and performing for a really, really long time now. Apparently I was singing before I was even talking, so it’s not a huge surprise that music became my career. At 11-12 years old was when I proclaimed to all my family and friends that I wanted to be a pop recording artist and I’ve never looked back. It’s so rare to have that strong of a passion for something from such a young age and to never outgrow it. I got my start singing in church doing solos and ensemble things. I sang in choir and performed in show choir and then that quickly escalated to becoming the “National Anthem girl” singing for all the major Chicago sports teams. Then I had the amazing opportunity of being handpicked by David Foster to perform in concert with him in Chicago. That was really the turning point for me in finally making the move to Los Angeles and having people in the industry really start to take notice of what I can do. It’s definitely been a long and difficult road but I’m doing what I love to do more than anything and my passion overrides everything else.

2. How did you pick your “name” Erika Fatale?
After writing and recording my demo, I knew I wanted to change my name from Erika Rodger to a different last name to reflect the powerful, confident, sassy attitude I have on stage and in my songs. Fatale, which means “fatal” in french fit me perfectly. I want to be “fatal” in every sense: my voice, the tone of my songs, as a performer. I want to be a true force to be reckoned with and hopefully ultimately irresistible too ;-)

3. Do you write your own music? What inspires you to do so?
Yes I do co-write all of my music and I love it. My songs end up meaning so much more to me knowing that I’m drawing from my own experiences or telling my own stories. I hope that emotion is something that the listeners hear and that it draws them in even more so. I knew I wanted to be so much more than just a vocalist up on stage in beautiful gowns singing other peoples’ songs. I grew up singing covers but always knew my goal was to be an artist, writing my own songs, and sharing my own story. Music is the one place where I can fully express myself and my true feelings and I’m inspired to write knowing that the end result can be a song that will go on to inspire other people. I’m not interested in writing “fluff.” I want my songs to empower, inspire, be something you want to listen to during your highest-highs and to help you through your lowest-lows.

4. What’s next for you: album? tour? etc…
I’m going to be working with so many talented songwriters and producers in the weeks and months ahead on new music and I cannot wait to share the final result with everyone once it’s completed. My focus right now is just getting back into the studio, collaborating with talented musicians, and  further establishing my unique sound and niche. Hopefully that leads to creating hit songs and then we’ll see what opportunities present themselves after that!

Now that you’ve seen how awesome Erika is, don’t forget to check out her music in the jukebox and tell us what you think! Thank you DJ Lilly for hooking us up with Erika Fatale!

Check out Erika and Facebook and follow her on Twitter!

Hear New Music First – HP


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