Last Day to Get HitPredictor Raffle Ticket From Prize Store


Hey guys and dolls! It’s the last day of June (already!) which means that the June raffle in the HitPredictor prize store is almost over! June 30 (today) is the last day you can buy a raffle ticket with your points in the HitPredictor prize store. We are raffling some seriously cool prizes so I think you better get over there and get your ticket!

First off, there are FOUR $50 iCard gift cards and THREE $100 iCard gift cards up for grabs. If you don’t know about iCard gift card, it’s only the coolest gift card around. Instead of being tied-down to one vendor, iCard let’s you choose where to redeem it. There are hundreds of top merchants that support the card. Check out their website for more info!

Also waiting to fill the ears of TWO lucky winners with their favorite music are 2 iPod Nano’s. The winners can even choose the color Nano they wish to receive! iPod Nano are the latest and greatest from Apple and they are the perfect little music player to carry around. These babies even feature a clip on the back so you can clip them to your shirt, pocket, belt, bookbag, anywhere!

Head to the HitPredictor prize store to get your hands on a raffle ticket now!

Hear New Music First – HP


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