David Cook Jokes He Has Nightmares About Simon Cowell


It’s been a little more than 3 years since David Cook won the seventh season of “American Idol.” But the TV show that launched his career is still on his mind and it apparently comes up in his dreams a lot.

“There was a dream last year where I auditioned for ‘Idol’ again,” Cook told MTV News. “I got in front of Simon Cowell and he reamed me and I didn’t make it. For some reason, that bothered me a little bit.”

Cook claims that he has never lost sleep over the eight albums he released previous to “Idol” but that he didn’t get much rest when it came to This Loud Morning. “I’ve never immersed myself in a record as much as I immersed myself in this one,” Cook said. “That’s not to say that I was phoning it in on the nine [albums] I did before this. But this one especially, I never had problems sleeping because of records, and this one kept me up a lot of nights.”

What do you think of David Cook’s nightmare and sleeplessness? Does it pay off for him on This Loud Morning?

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