Brand New Songs Become Member’s Picks!


It’s that time again, you know that fun time between Thursday and Monday where you get to sleep in and do whatever you want all day long! It’s called the Weekend and it’s here! (ok, maybe I’m a little excited.) And with the weekend, always comes our installment of Member’s Picks. These are songs that were nominated for the hidden song contest but didn’t make the cut. They are still really cool songs so we pick them for this segment!

First – Shania Twain’s new inspirational single, “Today is Your Day.” This is Shania’s first single in almost 6 years as she took a hiatus from the spotlight to focus on personal growth.

Next, Pitbull seems to be popping up on everyone’s tracks but now it’s his single that gets a collaboration with Marc Anthony. Their song “Rain Over Me” is in the jukebox now!

Lastly, Colbie Caillat music makes me want to head down to the beach, bopping my head to the feel good tunes. Don’t you think?! Well her next single is no different. “Brighter Than The Sun” is new from Caillat and here for your listening pleasure!

Enjoy HP! And Happy Weekend, to ya!

Hear New Music First – HP


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