Lady Gaga Fans Still Upset by Black Keys Drummer


Black Keys drummer, Patrick Carney, seems to get what Twitter is for. He points out his love for condiments and messes with Brave TV star, Bethenny Frankel. He wanted to have more fun on Twitter when he decided to poke fun at Lady Gaga on “Saturday Night Live.”

Carney simply tweeted “Madonna is killing it!” while watching SNL but that tweet went widely unnoticed. He wasn’t done there though. Once no one noticed his first tweet, he dared to compare Gaga to Madonna again. He tweeted to Ke$ha (@keshasuxx) “I still can’t get over madonna’s performance at the grammy’s this year! She was born that way!”

This tweet was definitely noticed and unleashed a frenzy of Little Monsters who all replied to Carney with threats of bodily harm, comparing him to the kid in the wheelchair on “Glee” and even calling him profane names.

Carney did what any other self respecting Twitter jokester would do by re-tweeting the best of the worst insults. He also made a very good point in saying that Lady Gaga’s anti-bullying message was not translating to her fans.

“Hey, little monsters! Everyone knows lady gaga sounds nothing at all like Madonna. I was joking! I am so depressed,” he wrote, adding that he was heading to Red Lobster.

What do you think about this Twitter battle? Should Mother Monster call down her fans?

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3 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Fans Still Upset by Black Keys Drummer

  1. Charles

    people really need to stop putting up stupid stuff on facebook and twitter. use it wisely and seriously act you frigging age. celebrities should know better than to start crap with other celebrities but most of the time they do it for the publicity.

  2. Rock Music Chick

    I think ppl need to have a sense of humor and not take stuff so seriously. It’s not that big of a deal what he said. He didn’t call her nasty names, threaten her etc. REALLY Gaga monsters REALLY! You are sending him death threats etc. WOW! WOW! That’s just sad. His view pt and tweets are just that his and his alone. He wasnt speaking for the nation or world or anyone else. There is a lot worse things that could of been said about her by this drummer. Move on folks. Gaga is about positivity etc. Well you weren’t being very positive when you sent death threats and nasty tweets now were you? Be a better fan and instead of hating on the drummer… focus on other things and ways of spreading the Gaga love/word/etc. I think ppl need to stop responding to comments and tweets that bother them. It doesnt help Gaga or anyone to say negative stuff or do negative stuff in name of Gaga. She wouldnt approve of what you are doing. So dont do it.

    • I agree! And very well said, if I may add. I think Carney was really just joking around and it wasn’t on purpose. Who knows? It may have even been an inside joke between Gaga and himself. All celebs seem to know each other these days so that’s very possible.

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