Lil Wayne’s ‘How to Love’ Video Will ‘Shock You’ Producer Says


Lil Wayne is breaking new ground. He’s already made his singing debut on new single, “How to Love” as he joins an acoustic guitar on the track. Wayne croons “See ya had a lot of crooks try to steal your heart/never really had luck/couldn’t never figure out/How To Love.” It seems that there are more surprises in store.

Now as the video is being made, Producer, Detail, is speaking out about how the clip will go beyond expectations. During a studio visit, Weezy explained how he wanted the whole video to be “scene by scene by scene” Detail told MTV News. “It’s gonna have a big, big, big effect, and it’s going to shock you because the perspective you might look at it as. He kinda tapped into a different perspective of the song and gave a different enlightenment on how you can consider a girl and how they’re in a forever pursuit trying to find love.”

“How to Love” is in the jukebox right now and is already getting some good ratings! I will be sure to post the video when it is released, too.

What do you think Lil Wayne’s “How to Love” video will be like?

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