HitPredictor Data Points to Lauren Alaina as New ‘American Idol’


Here at HitPredictor, we’re all about musical data. We did a little number crunching on this whole “American Idol” business to see if we could predict the winner of season 10. By offering members of HitPredictor.com a chance to rate one song from each of the final contestants, we were able to track the votes. We used Lauren Alaina’s “Anyway” and Scotty McCreery’s “Swingin’.” Well, the results are in!

All of the HitPredictor data points straight to Lauren Alaina as the winner! Y’all already know my vote is for Scotty, but the fans have spoken! Lauren won the MOST votes of members across the “musical format” board. That means Lauren’s performance of “Anyway,” that we featured on HitPredictor.com last week as one of our hidden songs, got a positive response from 12 unique groups of music lovers. Mainstream Top 40, Hot AC, Mainstream AC, all the Rock formats, Urban, and Rhythm all loved Lauren’s single. We also polled HitPredictor.com users and Lauren won that poll as well with 56.1% of the vote. HitPredictor is “Lovin’ Lauren!”

However, Scotty did win the vote in Country format and we know he has the young, teenage girl votes! Which group of people will have the stronger say-so in naming the next American Idol? It’s the world against the teenage girls!

Idol Talk: Does our data PREDICT a HIT in Lauren Alaina?!

Watch the Season Finale of American Idol TONIGHT on Fox to find out!

Hear New Music First – HP


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