‘American Idol’ Gone Country


The results show of “American Idol” proved that the world likes the Country contestants. A record number of 95 million votes came in to narrow the top 3 down to the finalists, which turned out to be Country crooners Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina.

After finding herself in the bottom three numerous times throughout the season, Haley Reinhart was eliminated. The Illinois native picked Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets” as her elimination song.

Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent performed their new song “Right There” and Italian boy band Il Volo sang “O Sole Mio.”

Last night’s show also had footage of when the three hopefuls returned to their hometowns over the weekend. The contestants used Super 8 cameras to capture clips for themselves after meeting with Bad Robot Productions director, JJ Abrams and watching scenes from the thriller, “Super 8” which will be in theaters June 10, 2011.

Be sure to watch next week as Lauren and Scotty duke it out country style on Tuesday, May 24 with the results show being on Wednesday, May 25.

Idol Talk: What do you think of Haley being eliminated? Who do you want to win American Idol?

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7 thoughts on “‘American Idol’ Gone Country

  1. Terri C

    such a shame to lose Haley…wow what a night she had with 3 ‘outstanding performances’…not many folks can do…Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant), Stevie Nicks & Alanis Morrisette all in one night & do them all ‘very well’! I’m depressed now that she’s gone!! Not sure who I’ll vote for!

  2. It’s about time Haley is gone. Her attitude ruined it for me. And it really showed when Ryan said Lauren will compete against Scotty.

    Haley was pi$$ed. It was written all over her face and her body language. She’ll go far, there was no need for her to be a poor sport.

    Scotty and Lauren deserve to be in the finale. I will be happy with either one taking the American Idol crown.

  3. harpo

    Haley wasn’t pissed…in my opinion she was very humble in her post axe speech and good for Haley for standing up for herself when being critiqued for being creative and not doing the same thing week after week. Scotty and Lauren sounded like broken records never, never going outside their comfort zones. One trick ponies…though I will give Scotty props for being entertaining and getting into his performances, but Lauren is a cold fish on stage afraid to get into her performance and take it to another level. Haley and James deserve to be top two because they actually went outside their comfort zones and improved leaps and bounds as artists. One last thing…J Lo should back off her obvious support for contestants and present more bias fair criticisms. It was obvious to anyone that she favoured Lauren and Scotty over Haley.

  4. Dee

    Actually, neither Scotty nor Lauren actually fit the model for “American Idol”. The thing is they are just so darn cute that they get the teen vote AND Grandma vote. Their voices are pleasant and am sure they will fit right in with the Country crowd for years to come.

  5. Only a handful of Haley fans can actually watch her elimination and claim she wasn’t upset. Wow, she was more than upset. Hand on her hip at one point and half a hug to Lauren.

    She could have cussed a blue streak and the Haley fanatics would come up with an excuse for her. She’s a cocky, spoiled brat who thinks she deserves it all. I’m so glad most of America didn’t have blinders on.

  6. doug

    I liked Haley and sad to see her gone, which leaves a guy whos a mediocre Country Singer at best, and a rising star in Lauren when she matures..
    Just my opinion !

  7. He may be a mediocre singer, but he has a HUGE personality. Something Haley lacked. Lauren may be immature, but for 16 years old, she is humble and gracious. Also something Haley hasn’t learned in her 20 years.

    Also, just my opinion

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