‘American Idol’ themed Hidden Song Contest Winners!


The “American Idol” themed hidden song contest just ended and I bet y’all can’t wait to find out the winners!

The 3 songs we had this week were:

  1. Jordin Sparks’ “I Am Woman” (which she performed on Idol last week)
  2. Idol hopeful Scotty McCreery’s “Swingin”
  3.  “Anyway” by teen Idol contestant, Lauren Alaina
The other contestant Haley Reinhart was represented also as her “Rolling in the Deep”was a member’s pick on Friday.The HitPredictor member’s that are lucky bonus point winners are: CowboyRon80, fitcher22, and ncc1991. Congrats guys!!

Hope y’all had fun this week and liked the hidden songs! I’m going to start picking the songs for next week and I need your nominations! This contest is solely put on by YOU! I just kind of organize it :) So send me the songs that you think deserve to be in the HitPredictor Hidden Song Contest! You can post them on our Facebook wall, email them to me at hiddensong@hitpredictor.com, or tweet them to me @hitpredictor (use hash tag #hscn)

Hear New Music First – HP 


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