Il Volo Perform on ‘American Idol’


The Italian trio of teenage boys, Il Volo will perform on the “American Idol” results show this Thursday, May 19.

The boys made the trek from winning an Italian TV singing competition to worldwide success. Appearing on “American Idol” marks the start of a career in the United States, where their marketing team is hoping they will really “take off.”

With a single serendipitous performance on Italian vocal competition “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” (Leavin’ You a Song), the trio — Piero Barone (17), Ignazio Boschetto (16) and Gianluca Ginoble (16) — secured an international recording contract and a dream team to guide its career.

Billboard reports that after “Idol,” the boys will appear on CBS’ “The Early Show” on May 21. These performances support the May 17 release of their self-titled Geffen debut, produced by hitmaker Humberto Gatica and longtime champion of Italian music Tony Renis. International touring kicks off in June with a simple goal: global domination.

Watch “American Idol” to see if you will like Italy’s boy band Il Volo. Let me know what you think!

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8 thoughts on “Il Volo Perform on ‘American Idol’

  1. I’ve seen their internet clips, plus I just received their first CD. Amazing voices that blend so well, and at their age, listening to these youngsters is truly worth every second and song. I don’t speak or understand Italian, but music is a universal language and Il Vollo speaks it with heart, emotion, a new freshness and compassion that will reach all……They are the New Shooting Stars…….WB

  2. Deanna

    I think they are wonderful singers.I love the way they enjoy watching each other in their solo parts.And of course they are handsome young guys.I hope they are as nice as they come across.

  3. Fran Ludlow

    I think the boys are fantastic. Their voices are beautiful and they all have lots of charisma. M y mother sang these songs. But when I heard the three boys sing I found it magical. They should go a long way in the music business. I’m a mother and grandmother and I truly appreciate these young men.

  4. lucy Scorzo

    Any mother would be proud of these boys. They are so
    talented, socomposed and so gifted. May they go far and
    prosper. God bless them.

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