Britney Spears Hosts Event to Benefit New Orleans


The Ambassador for the St. Bernard project, Britney Spears, hosted an event last night to benefit the charity and the families it supports in New Orleans. Y’all know that’s my home town right?! So this news really hits home for me.

Brit hosted an event at a private residence in Beverly Hills that she called an Evening of Southern Style.

Just a few days before the event, Brit called out to her devoted fanbase via Twitter to support the cause. “Text BRITNEY to UNITED (864833) to donate $10 to the St. Bernard Charity, which is dedicated to rebuilding homes after Katrina,” she tweeted.

Attendees included Kim Kardashian, Hillary Duff, and Selena Gomez who all came to show some love for the St. Bernard Charity. The project helps to rebuild homes and rebuild lives of people that were severely effected by Hurricane Katrina, and since Ms. Spears is from Louisiana, she has latched on to this charity with her whole heart.

“The St. Bernard Project is an incredible organization whose main focus is rebuilding Louisiana. I am so honored to be part of this cause. Louisiana will always be a part of my soul,” says Britney.

She and boyfriend, Jason Trawick arrived looking very dapper with Brit in a lime green, tight fitting cocktail dress and Jason in a suit. Spears kept the focus on the South by serving her special recipe of sweet tea in lemon and peach flavors. She wasn’t the only one servin’ up the Southern style though. Spears’ dad, Jamie was the cook for the evening as he prepared Southern dishes with all the fixin’s.

The St. Bernard Project, whose volunteers number around 32,000, have been a great help around here. People think since it’s been 5 years, everything is back to normal, but it’s not. Together the St. Bernard project and Britney have rebuilt homes in the New Orleans area for 350 families and counting.

As a resident of New Orleans, I can truly say Thanks Britney!

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