Jacob Lusk Sent Home From ‘American Idol’


Fox’s hit show “American Idol” is definitely on the forefront of many people’s minds on a Wednesday night when they are asked to vote for their favorite contestant. Seacrest announced that the show brought in more than 60 million votes that determined last night’s, well, loser.

Jacob Lusk was sent packing but not without a fair share of drama for good t.v. Lauren Alaina had the most emotional night of anyone as she was sent to the bottom 3 for the first time in season history. She burst into tears as she realized the news and walked over to join Lusk and James Durbin.

Durbin was declared safe and then Scotty McCreery was asked to pick which group he belonged in, one of Seacrest’s cruelest jokes to date. Scotty politely said, “I can’t do that” as Seacrest snickered and led him over to the safe group with Haley Reinhart and Durbin.

Jacob was finally announced as the one to go home and he took it like a champ but Lauren got even more emotional because Jacob’s fate meant she was safe!

The episode also featured a plug for Steven Tyler’s memoir “Does The Noise in My Head Bother You?”, the debut of his new solo single “(It) Feels So Good”, a performance by J.Lo for her song “On The Floor”, and a clip of Lopez’s video for her new single “I’m Into You” ft. Lil Wayne.

The other performance of the night came from Country super-group Lady Antebellum as they debuted their new single “Just A Kiss.” “Kiss” will be on Lady A’s upcoming album and we have it for you in the jukebox so check it out!

What do you think about Jacob Lusk going home?! Should he have been the one to go?

Hear New Music First – HP


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