Member’s Picks are Here!


1. Wynter Gordon’s “Til Death (Remix)” – Gordon is a very busy girl. She’s a New York born singer/songwriter who has worked with some of the biggest names in the biz. She recently penned 4 songs for Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming “Love?” album. Wynter has her own album coming out this year named “With Music I Die” so watch out for that. The Denzal Park remixed “Til Death” is the second single from the album, with “Dirty Talk” being the first. “Til Death” has not been officially released in the states yet, as it was just dropped on April 15 in Australia.

2. Martina McBride wrote her new hit “Teenage Daughters” because the star has 3 teenage daughter that she openly admits are driving her crazy! What better way to express your feelings than to sing a great song about them.

3. “Jet Lag” by Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield – Here’s an unlikely collaboration that works really well. I am really liking this song so I hope y’all do too. It was actually only released this Tuesday so let me know what you think in the jukebox!

Hope y’all like these and have a great weekend!!

Hear New Music First – HP


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