‘American Idol’ Report Card


The top 6 finalists of “American Idol” sang Carole King songs last night. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of Carole King’s tunes, but why Idol chose this for the them of the week is beyond me. They showed us a little relevancy last week with the “Songs from the 21st Century” theme, but then slid right back down the ladder with this pairing. It wasn’t even fun to watch because I hardly knew the words to these songs.

Let’s see how they did. Since there are only 6 left, I’m doing a pass/fail grading system!


1. James (most likely the winner) Durbin! He proved that he is not only a rock star, but a great singer as well, as Randy pointed out. He sang King’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.” PASS!!

2. Scotty McCreery who crooned King’s “You’ve Got a Friend” without awkwardly holding the mic this time, which made his performance that much better. Even though he’s my favorite, I can admit that McCreery has had a tough couple of weeks. He has even more ladies in his corner after that romantic, restrained performance of one of the most loved Carole King songs. Pass!

3. Lauren Alaina – She just makes me want to root for her. For one thing, she’s one of two girls left and she’s been my favorite girl from the beginning. Alaina gave a good performance of “Where You Lead” and even pulled a guy from the audience to serenade. Many people comment about her confidence issues but I think Lauren is starting to fall into her comfort zone more with each week. She worked the stage while smiling, singing, and dancing contrary to the 16 year old girl we first saw who stood in one place to sing her whole number. Pass!

P.S. I also loved Scotty and Lauren’s duet and think they both did a fantastic job at it. Lauren seems more confident with Scotty by her side :)

4. Haley Reinhart, who I’m barely giving a passing grade, but nevertheless passing is passing, right?! Reinhart went with King’s “Beautiful” and once she started singing, maybe she started believing the lyrics of this uplifting tune. The ending was way better than the beginning as Haley became more comfortable. Good thing she had the backing of the band, though. (And a really pretty dress!)


I’m sorry to say this, because Casey was one of my favorites in the beginning, but I’ve got to do it.

1. Casey Abrams – It hurts to say because I actually think Casey has a really good voice and I think he’s at home with the musicians. I don’t exactly get his jazzman persona with this new fedora he’s rocking, but that’s ok. My main concern is that he gets to excited on stage and the growls and scats start to seep through his practiced, polished performance. I wasn’t a fan of “Hi De Ho.” Fail!

2. Jacob Lusk is the other contestant that just didn’t do it for me. The judges were waiting for the moment he would “shake his tail feather” but I was not. I don’t think it suited him well because the tune he chose went against his best vocal qualities. It seemed like the judges were going with nicities to not hurt his feelings but they weren’t sure about it either. America, I think it’s Jacob’s time to go. Fail!

Who do you think should be going home tonight? Come right back here tomorrow to find out who was sent home.

Hear New Music First – HP


One thought on “‘American Idol’ Report Card

  1. I agree with the first 3, but in my opinion Haley failed last night. She may have a great voice, although sometimes I question that, but she has no performance factor. She stands like a lump on stage. The only time she gets the audience going is when she “growls” and that’s also getting old.

    I believe Jacob will be going home, but I would rather see Haley or Casey make the big exit tonight.

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