Season Premiere: ‘The Voice’ Recap


There is a lot of competition for the best reality singing competition on TV these days. There is the newly revamped “Idol” and “X Factor” is coming to the the States soon, but now there’s another. NBC’s heavily promoted their version called “The Voice” which premiered in a 2 hour spot last night.

The show started with the four judges, Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton, performing Green’s smash hit “Crazy.” They each showed off some of their vocal abilities but then got right down to business.

Host Carson Daly eats up a large chunk of time explaining the rules and then finally we have, what they call, blind auditions.

Each judge is in a chair with their backs turned to the contestant as they perform. If judges likes what they hear, there is a big red button they press which turns their chair around to face the perform. This button also means that the judge would like to coach the contestant throughout the rest of the season for the battle rounds.

If more than two coaches spin around, which happens often, the singer gets to choose their coach. Each coach takes a slightly different tack to entice a singer: Levine and Aguilera go thick with compliments and have somewhat of a rivalry going; Green plays things cool; and Shelton uses his southern charm.  If none of them turn around, the singer returns home. Each judge will eventually gather a team of 8 contestants that they would like to mentor in the competition.

The contestants, and eventually teammates, will battle each other to stay in the competition as the judges cut their crews in half. Viewers at home will have the final say in choosing the show’s winner during a live round, with the champion taking home $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Republic.

Standouts included Vicci Martinez, Jeff Jenkins, Tje Austin, and Javier Colon. Surprisingly, Kelsey Rey did very well despite the “I’ve always been judged as just a pretty face” act. Cee-Lo Green and Adam Levine both commented on the fact that she had awesome singing abilities, but they also mentioned how pretty she was. Kelsey, I don’t think that’s going away. Plus, she’s got 1.4 million people to watch her YouTube video “Masquerade”; there sure is a reason for that, and it’s not the singing.

My favorite moment of the show came when a duo performed. The judges freaked out by hearing a woman sing and then a man, because they could not see that two people had entered the stage. The married couple from Nashville got all 4 judges to press their big red button. Elenowen, as they call themselves, will be on Blake’s team after he fought for them. I’m thinking the words that made the decision for them came when Blake said, “First and foremost, nothing needs to get in the way of y’alls relationship, and this business is tough when it comes to things like that and I’ve seen it and I know how to help y’all protect that.” Blake sure knows what he’s talking about in that area. He and fiancee country sensation, Miranda Lambert will be married on May 14.

What did you think of “The Voice”? Who were your favorites?

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