Odd Future Finalizes Record Deal


Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All have finally signed a record deal and by this time, the ink is dry.

After months of basically playing some of the biggest names in music by making astronomical requests including holding meetings at a skate shop in Cali or having swivel chairs present, Odd Future has finally done it! The rap collective inked a deal with RED distribution/Sony for “Odd Future Records.” The name could change if they wanted it to though.

“They have creative control, they can call it F— Off Records by noon,” manager Chris Clancy told MTV News with a laugh.

“We kinda joke that they signed to themselves, but it’s actually the truth,” Clancy added. “The way it’s working is Odd Future Records is an entity that will live on RED Distribution, which will be run and operated by Odd Future. That means in regards to releases, art, music, schedule, we’re not bound to quarters and that type of stuff.”

Member Earl Sweatshirt, who is attending Samoan military school right now, will most likely be a part of this deal with Tyler and Hodgy Beats. Frank Ocean, on the other hand, is with Def Jam. “Frank is absolutely a part of Odd Future. Def Jam has been great about understanding that and we’ll be working together,” claimed Clancy.

What do you think of Odd Future finally finding a home at RED/Sony?

Hear New Music First – HP


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