Lil Wayne Rocks Cap and Gown in Album Cover


Lil Wayne has been in the public eye since he was a teenager. Now he wants to make that age even younger as the album cover for his forthcoming Tha Carter IV shows Weezy in his second grade cap and gown, with a few more tattoos and piercings, might I add.

Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV should be out in June. Many of the tracks from the new album are already being performed on Wayne’s I Am Still Music Tour. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the tour in person, Weezy’s filming several stops of the tour as well as behind the scenes footage so you’ll be able to see the tour documentary. The flick will be similar to Jay-Z’s 2000 film, Backstage, and Russell Simmons’ 1995 doc The Show. 

“I just felt like a movie like that hasn’t come out in so long,” Weezy said to MTV News in New Orleans last week. “At that time when they put those movies out, we as the fans were interested in what they were doing on the road. … Nobody hasn’t came around since then that was that interesting other than Young Money.”

While there is no word whether the film will be a theatrical release or a straight-to-DVD offering, Tunechi is confident that it will be impactful. “It’s going to be real major; it’s going to be real big,” he said. “I will eat real nice.”

How do you feel about Lil Wayne’s new album cover and the news to make a tour documentary?

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