Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift Announce Single Release Dates


Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift both have new singles that will be released on April 19. Gaga’s is definitely a bigger deal since it’s not only the release but it’s the reveal of another one of her crazy artworks.

Gaga has been teasing the lyrics and promoting the single “Judas” on her twitter. This will be the next track off her forthcoming album Born This Way. Mother monster posted “GAGAVISION No. 41” where she announced the date when Judas can be heard!

“GAGAVISION no.41 coming, at midnight TUES. Filming and editing it myself. Will announce JUDAS release! Feels like the first time mons✟ers.” Lady tweeted to all her fans and followers. After having an argument with a fundamentalist protester outside of one of her tour venues, Gaga gives you a sneak peak of the dance that she is rehearsing for “Judas.” She then says that “Judas” is coming.

Here’s the video:

And now to Taylor Swift, who couldn’t be more different that Gaga, but who will also be releasing her new single “The Story of Us.” It’s the tragic tale of a failing relationship. The last words of the song – Taylor says an icy, “the End.”

Look out for both singles which will be hitting radio airwaves on April 19!

Hear New Music First – HP

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